What happened to the stats page that was previously on the site?

        The stats page has been taken down. It was started simply as trivia, but it seemed to increasingly fuel gamer negativity and fanboy wars. Additionally, there seems to be a widespread, fundamental misunderstanding of the information that can be provided by sites like this.

        Finding and cataloguing awards from around the world is an extremely ambitious task. There is no list of every gaming-related source; new media outlets are created all the time, some that were previously included die out, and some do not do awards every year. Without an AI which can guarantee that it has crawled the entire internet, it is impossible to know the total number of media outlets, so there is no way for anyone to know exactly how many awards are missing for any given year. 
        As such, the "totals" for any year can only show you the minimum amount of awards that a particular game received, not the exact number, and they certainly cannot be used to compare games from different years in such precise detail. There could be five awards missing, or there could be fiftyno one can know for certain. Any site attempting to claim otherwise is trying to mislead you.

        The overall winner and general order of the list per year should be quite accurate however, given (1) the sample size of the media outlets, (2) that the media outlets are selected without regard for popularity or region, and (3) that none of the media outlets are dedicated to any particular platform, so there is no inherent bias toward any specific game. It should be expected that any missing awards would follow the general distribution trend for the year; if two games are separated by only a few awards, their positions could easily swap, but with a difference of dozens the order would not change.

        In summary, any award tracking site can only ever tell you two things: (1) The minimum number of awards that a game received, and (2) The award distribution breakdown for the year. There are no exact numbers for this kind of data.

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